Walnut Creek is one of the owners of United Sportsmen, Inc. We offer Rifle, Pistol, Trap,Skeet, Five Stand, Action Pistol, Air Gun, and Archery. Our facilities are well maintained and provide all members and guests a very special place to enjoy your sport. United Sportsmen is open to the public. Please click the logo for more information.

The Walnut Creek Sportsmen's Club is dedicated to promoting the shooting sports, encouraging the safe handling of firearms, and the conservation of all natural resources and wildlife. Our activities include Hunter Education, firearm safety, and youth shooting. We host several shooting events and other outdoor activities during the year.

Walnut Creek Sportsmen's Club - NEW LIFE MEMBERS

Life Members Ed and Mary White

Life Member Terry Seymour

"For your exceptional service to the Club as determined by a majority vote of the Board of Directors"

Walnut Creek Sportsmen's Club

 "Since 1939"